Our Self-Schedule tool allows you complete control over the worker scheduling process, but without any effort on your part!  You can set the Self-Schedule to only appear for certain groups of volunteers you create, or workers that have worked with your event or another event before and received good reviews.  You can choose to manually approve Self-Schedule attempts and adjust schedules as needed, or you can let the Self-Schedule tool do all the work and auto-approve mode.

You decide if workers can schedule into multiple departments, and how many hours they must work to fulfill their work obligation, as well as how many shifts and if night shifts are required.  There are tons of options that you can use to customize your volunteer scheduling, and once you’ve decided on your Self-Schedule parameters, the workers can simply select the shifts they prefer to work.

You can also decide to only Self-Schedule certain departments, and even leave out certain shifts in a department.  And, you can lock volunteers into a department so that they can only schedule the department you want them to.  This all allows for tight management control of the Self-Schedule process, but with no back-and-forth emails and switching and swapping based on worker preferences.