Onsite Management

Check In Volunteers

With the festiVOL suite of Onsite Management tools, easily Check In workers or volunteers to the event, and distribute ticket/wristbands/t-shirts, take photos and print ID Badges, and accommodate different worker types using worker Categories.

– Eventbrite Connect – connect with Eventbrite Ticketing for a seamless event entry process

– One click Check in

– Timestamped and logged (who checked in the worker)

– T-shirt allocation

– Optional wristband ID field

– Ability to take and add photos for worker identification

– Print ID Badge that includes schedule and worker photo

Time Clock Volunteers

You can Time Clock workers or volunteers in a variety of ways, depending on the program set up – use the Clocker function to search by name for one-click clock in, and have the volunteer clock out using the Supervisor’s SmartPhone, in the Supervisor Portal. It’s simple to keep track of shift completion with festiVOL!

Workers can follow along with their shift completion within their account – this helps prevent issues following the event that can easily be resolved onsite at the event, such as a Supervisor neglecting to clock out a worker. It’s way easier to deal with issues onsite at the event, when everyone is reachable by radio or cell, than days later when folks have scattered!

Make Changes on the Fly

festiVOL was built by a team of volunteer and labor coordinators – we know what it’s like to run an event (!!) Flexibility and Communication are KEY to onsite labor management

Move Volunteers to different positions at the click of a button

View and Print Lists of volunteers by shift, department, day, and/or time

Communicate – send individual or group texts based on shift or other statuses, or to the entire event, or simply workers that have arrived and checked in

RatePerformance of workers following completion of each shift

– Add a Clock or Check in Flag on a worker and ensure a message reaches them, or admin is called when they arrive at HQ

View Live Data on the entire program on how many workers are clocked in per department, vs the number requested for that shift

View data on Missing Clock ins or Clock outs and text workers who are delinquent

Completed Shifts (√)

Once all shifts are completed, the worker’s Work Obligation is marked as complete in their account – when using Reimbursable Tickets, this is a very clean and easy way for volunteers to see that they are all set to be refunded!!

With Reimbursable Tickets, processing refunds is super simple – simply decide who will not receive a reimbursement due to missing shifts or other reasons, and mark those folks as Reimbursement Forfeited. Then festiVOL will allow you to reimburse all volunteers that completed their work obligation with one click – REFUND! And the Event Ticket Step within each reimbursed workers account will be marked as Refunded 🙂

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