Features for the Worker

Work Performance Level

Workers are rewarded for completing shifts in festiVOL, for all events they work! This means workers can build clout and achieve experience in event departments, and they don’t have to ‘start over’ simply because they are new to the event. Of course this is great for events too, as scheduling workers that are skilled or already trained in the department can make for smooth sailing at the event. Let’s face it, events are unique, but a lot of what they do is quite similar – the live event community is a shared experience, and festiVOL allows your event to tap in.

Link with Friends

When you volunteer or work at an event, you want to work alongside your friends, and especially want to have the same free time to enjoy the event together. But managing individual requests and ensuring workers are placed together can be a nightmare for event admin staff. With festiVOL, Confirmed Workers can link their event account with their friends’, and will remain linked throughout the scheduling process. This takes the worry and requests out of event admin’s hands and puts the responsibility on the workers to ensure they are linked with their buddies. Being able to work together is a plus for the worker, and not having to deal with the requests is a huge plus for admin.

Preferred Performance Selection

festiVOL’s unique Preferred Performances feature ensures volunteers and workers aren’t scheduled during their top choice performances. In the application, workers select their not-to-miss acts, and in the Scheduler, only shifts that are not during the same time as selected preferred performances are shown as available to schedule. This makes scheduling a breeze for admin, since there’s no need to take individualized requests, and of course keeps the workers coming back since they get to enjoy the parts of the events that they most want to!

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