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fans are the key to your event’s success –

Fans Who Volunteer Their Time Are Your Greatest Asset

festiVOL™ is based on Fan Management – your event fans are truly your biggest asset. Fans that volunteer their time are truly ambassadors for your event.

This is why Fan Management is not exactly the same as staff management – your fans are performing for your event for the pure enjoyment of it. You must take care of your fan in greater capacity than you might your staff – their preferences are of great importance.

At festiVOL™, our world revolves around the event fan community – the Get Involved Community.

We see it as our greatest effort to provide the best possible program functionality — both to ensure that fans that volunteer their time are honored in preferences and requests, and also that the program management of the requests is automated and standardized.

Acknowledge Your Volunteers

Why do people volunteer? There are a variety of answers to this question, and you probably know what the answers are for your set of volunteers. We know that a part of volunteering is the intrinsic value of pitching in towards a common shared goal, and of course the acknowledgement of having contributed.

Work Performance Level (WPL) Acknowledges Fans That Step Up

For every shift completed to the delight of the event department, participants are awarded a Star for that department. For every 5 stars a volunteer earns in any department, they move up a level in their WPL. Fans that have never before volunteered at your event know that they will come in with a bit of clout – you will see they have that higher WPL. You can view their departments worked, and place them in similar positions they have excelled in before. Volunteers love this as they are able to build on their event-related skills and prowess, and take their experience along from event to event.

Star Rating System for Volunteers - WPL - Work Performance Level Image

Unique User Accounts

Event fans and volunteers create their own accounts within festiVOL™ – they login to access an individualized experience, and create and update profile information. Items such as Special Categories, or certain features such as the ability to Self-Schedule, or News Posts, all can be customized for that individual participant’s account. Volunteers can also access their Schedule and follow along with shift completion, and very clearly understand if their work obligation (aka all assigned shifts) has been completed.

This is an integral part of the festiVOL™ program – volunteers have access to the information they need to perform their duties. No longer is information governed by emails, which may or may not be received or read. All they need to be a part of the team is right at their fingertips!

Simple Steps to Confirm Work Lead Applicants Through the Process

Volunteer Application, Waiver, Terms Agreement, Ticketing - Steps to Confirm

Work Alongside Friends

When you volunteer or work at an event, you want to work alongside your friends, and especially want to have the same free time to enjoy the event together. But managing individual requests and ensuring workers are placed together can be a nightmare for event admin staff. With festiVOL™, Confirmed Volunteers can link their event account with their friends’, and will remain linked throughout the scheduling process. This takes the worry and requests out of event admin’s hands. Being able to work together is a plus for the volunteer, and not having to deal with the requests is a plus for admin. Of course, you can always bypass this feature and simply allow volunteers to Self-Schedule.

Scheduling Feature Image - Depicts the function in festiVOL™ Event Volunteer Software that links friends together for scheduling

Preference Selections

festiVOL™ has a plethora of different questions that may be added to the Survey Page of the application. These questions feed into functionality – it’s not simply a question and an answer, but a question and an answer and a process for a purpose. Event Admin is able to select which questions they want to include in the Application, including creating custom questions, and volunteers know that their Preferences are feeding into the scheduler, or auto-segmenting them into Categories, or apply Admin-Assigned Departments for Scheduling purposes. Managing requests has never been easier, and the fans on festiVOL™ reap the benefits.

Create a Free Account & See For Yourself

Free account access allows you to test out functionality right away – simply select the Pro License model and you will receive 5 free applications, and each applicant will be charged $5.17 thereafter – making the license free for your event. At event creation, you will be assigned an account manager, so you can reach out with any questions along the way.