festiVOL Volunteer Management Software Licensing

There are two distinct licenses for the festiVOL event volunteer management software program, based on whether tickets will be sold through the event management software: The MGMT License or the Pro Ticketing License. Both models offer the superb volunteer management platform that the festiVOL software provides, and both models begin at a base price of $300, at a 6 month contract term. Additional months of contracted software service may be added for $75 per month, to either model.

Basic MGMT License
standard 6 month contract
up to 50 applications
+ $100 each additional 50 applications
Free Business Hours Support
Access festiVOL Knowledge Base
Suite of Application & Onsite Management Tools
Purchase Basic
PRO Ticketing License
standard 6 months contract
+ 2.7% & $1.99 per ticket sold
Unlimited Applications
Everything included in the MGMT License
*Suite of Transaction Management Tools*
Consultations on Best Practices
Purchase Pro


Pro Ticketing License – Reimbursable Ticket Sales

The key to protecting event revenue and combatting the flake-out factor is selling Reimbursable Tickets to event volunteers. Those that complete their work obligation are rewarded with an event ticket (aka a refund of their purchased ticket following the event). The festiVOL ticketing license fee is $300 base + $1.99 per & 2.7% of each ticket sold. If using only application processing fees (not selling tickets), pricing in based on $300 Base Fee + $2.50 per application. Using the festiVOL suite of transaction management tools, including cancellation and application fees, your event can easily offset the cost of using the software! Read more about Transaction Management Features on festiVOL here.

Supplement your operations budget while expanding your operational capacity –  our clients profit $2,500 – $30,000 by utilizing our Reimbursable Ticket and transaction management tools and program model.

Events across the nation are adding a new revenue-generating department while saving on labor costs, compounding event profits. Call to set up a DEMO today!

Contact us for special or group pricing.

We also offer unique pricing for non-profit groups.

Full Service – Work Exchange Team (WET)

Looking for full service volunteer and FanStaff management by a team of event professionals?  The Work Exchange Team will work with your event departments to find the best uses for volunteers, paid staff, or fanStaff, saving your event time and money.  The process is managed completely by WET, from applications to scheduling, consulting and onsite management.  This is truly the best service you can offer your event – departments benefit greatly from the program – simply ask around and you will see that WET does an event right!  Call for Pricing & Proposal, or check out more information here.