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Ticketing – How to Monetize Your Program

Reimbursable Tickets are always an option on festiVOL™. Charging volunteers for their ticket entry in advance of the event is becoming the norm, especially for events that have highly priced tickets. Reimbursable Tickets not only protect your revenue stream but also prevent no-shows and last-minute cancellations, providing your departments a bonafide reliable team at their fingertips. Plus, receiving a check at the close of your program is pretty sweet.

How it works is each applicant purchases a Reimbursable Ticket to confirm participation for your program. The ticket is linked in festiVOL™ within the participant’s account – when all assigned shifts are completed, the participant is eligible for a ticket reimbursement.

These ticketing fees protect your event’s entry revenue, and prevent shift flake outs. Charging in advance of the event for the valuable ticket entry is becoming the norm across major events, especially those with high ticket entry prices.

With festiVOL™, you can create your program’s own unique ticketing experience, deciding how much to charge your participants. Of course, you can elect for a totally free experience for volunteers as well. The model that you decide to use should best fit your event.

Your Settings Will Build Your Unique Steps to Confirm

Simple Reimbursement Process

Shift status and completion is tracked within festiVOL™ and indicated with the Work Obligation Status. A participant that has a Complete Work Obligation is eligible for a ticket reimbursement. Following your event, all participants with complete work obligations are provided a ticketing fee reimbursement – all you have to do is select all and click the reimburse button. Any participants that did not clock in and out of assigned shifts are in limbo – you can either mark them as completed by clocking them in and out of shifts, or you may remove unworked shifts so that all assigned shifts are complete, or you can mark them as Forfeited. Marking them as forfeited means they have forfeited their opportunity for a ticket refund.

To protect the participant, and to allow for due process, those forfeited receive an email from festiVOL™ providing them a 2 week window in which to dispute the forfeiture – perhaps a mistake in accounting was made and actually the shift in question was in fact worked. These decisions are yours to make, and your decision is final, however as a member of the festiVOL™ community, we ask that you provide due process and investigate any claims. Once the two-week period is over, no more disputes may be made, and the revenues from your forfeited tickets are released as additional program revenue.

Order Processing Fees

Add an additional revenue stream to your program via order processing fees – a nonrefundable fee assessed at application submission. These fees help to increase the program revenue, and also weed out non-committal applicants, producing a team with more integrity overall. Fees may be turned on in the Application Controls of your event, and apply directly to event program revenues.

Get Started With Your Program Today

Free account access allows you to test out functionality right away – simply select the Pro License model and you will receive 5 free applications, and each applicant will be charged $5.17 thereafter – making the license free for your event. At event creation, you will be assigned an account manager, so you can reach out with any questions along the way.