Transaction Management

Reimbursable Tickets & Adding Revenue

Protect your revenue stream from fraudulent fan workers that do not intend to complete their work obligation –  tap into festiVOL’s Transaction Management Suite and sell Volunteer Reimbursable Tickets (with the Pro License).  Customize your event’s offerings and elect to charge an application processing fee. Plus, determine any applicable cancellation fees – these are ALL great ways to ensure applicants are serious about their working commitment and of course a deterrent to last-minute cancellations.

festiVOL’s easy 1-2 sign up process for fans plus the suite of reimbursement tools for admin enables events to manage the process with fluidity and ease. Purchase the Pro License today and lock in your event’s fan labor department success!

Take the pressure off of your event departments and ELIMINATE no-shows – and turn your fan labor department a profit by selling Volunteer Tickets! 

Reimbursable Tickets

Your tickets – your most valuable revenue source.  You need to secure your revenue stream and block leaked revenues from defunct, no-show workers that have event access.  It goes without saying, when there is a fan labor program, there are fans that try to take advantage of the free ticket offer.  This costs the event loads of money, in both ticket revenue and lost work hours.  Thankfully, the festiVOL model of selling fan workers and volunteers Reimbursable Tickets allows events to secure ticket revenue – only fan workers with shifts completed get a Reimbursement of their ticket value – those that attended the event but did not complete their shifts don’t get a Reimbursement!

Bulk Reimbursements

festiVOL makes it a breeze to manage this process, with the easy 1-2 application process for workers, and shifts that are linked to each fan worker or volunteer’s Reimbursement Status. Fans always know whether they have successfully completed their work obligation, or the number of shifts assigned. Fans have access to their shift information at all times, within their account. Once shifts are completed, the Work Obligation is marked as Complete, and in a simple post-event process, admin can release ticket funds with the click on a button: BOOM – Reimbursements for ALL volunteers that completed their work shifts can be processed at one time!

Plus, festiVOL’s built in Reimbursement forfeiture regulations allow fan workers the notice and the time to appeal shift completion or Reimbursement decisions, ensuring that the program is fair and built around integrity and transparency. The Reimbursable Ticket model of festiVOL is the industry standard for volunteer ticketing.

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