Event Labor Management. Revolutionized.

Tap your event into a community of fan workers and volunteers by turning on the festiVOL management program for your event. It’s not simply a volunteer management software –

festiVOL is a Community of Fan Workers

– and – 

a Full Stack Event Labor Management Program

When you turn on festiVOL, your event has access to the work performance history of fans that participate, even if they’ve never worked for your event. In addition, plug into the industry’s most trusted management system, developed by the Work Exchange Team, leaders in fan labor management.

With over 150,000 fans on festiVOL™

The community eagerly awaits your event

What the Community is saying:

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Your Event Taps into the festiVOL™ Community

Access Fan Worker Performance Ratings for every festiVOL event worked

–   Fans earn Status in the form of Stars, for each completed shift. The more events worked, the more stars they can earn, and the higher their Work Performance Level (WPL)

–  When a festiVOL worker signs up for your event, you access their WPL – which departments they excelled in, and where they’ve already been trained, and how valuable the worker is for your event!

–   Fans are Motivated & Empowered – their hard work is recognized event to event!

Access Full Stack Management Tools

Customizable Landing Page
Custom Landing Pages
Sell Reimbursable Tickets
Reimbursable Tickets
Work Performance Ratings
Performance Ratings
No Paperwork - Online Waivers and Agreements
eSignature Agreements
Onsite Management Features
Onsite Management
festiVOL trusted framework
festiVOL Framework

Your Event Benefits from Our Expertise

The festiVOL system is unbeatable – and our quick set up templates steer your ship from sign up through matching fan workers and skills and scheduling, to onsite management and post event accounting. Our event templates do the leg work for you, with custom verbiages and FAQ inclusion based on the features and settings applied to your event, and ensure your event’s program is well planned and executed from start to finish. The festiVOL model is based on empowering your most motivated fans to staff forward-facing positions, putting those most interested in your event’s success at the front, to drive your event’s unique experience.

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