Event Labor Management. Revolutionized.

Tap your event into a community of fan workers and volunteers, and turn on the festiVOL management program for your fans. It’s not a simply volunteer management software –

festiVOL is a Community

Motivate your most valuable labor source and turn them into a willing, motivated workforce. festiVOL Recognizes fan shift and work achievements – workers are rewarded for their exemplary service, across every event they sign up for!

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Turn on your FanBase

With over 150,000 fans on festiVOL

The community eagerly awaits your event

Best in class Events & Producers already tapped in :

View Volunteer Performance Ratings for every event worked

–   Fans earn Status in the form of Stars, for each completed shift. The more events worked, the more stars they can earn, and the higher their Work Performance Level (WPL)

–   Fans are Motivated & Empowered – their hard work is recognized event to event!

–  When a festiVOL worker signs up for your event, you access their WPL – which departments they excelled in, and where they’ve already been trained, and how valuable the worker is for your event!

festiVOL can be applied to any event type

The concepts are the same: trade ticket entry for shifts worked – utilize your very own motivated workforce and apply their broad and diverse skills to your departmental needs – create event ambassadors through the powerful festiVOL program – tap into the community data on past fan workers!!

festiVOL Licensing – Just Tap In!

There are two distinct licenses for the festiVOL event volunteer management software program, based on whether tickets will be sold through the event management software: The MGMT License or the Pro Ticketing License. Both models offer the superb volunteer management platform and the festiVOL community, and both models begin at a base price of $300, at a 6 month contract term. Additional months of contracted software service may be added for $75 per month, to either model.

Basic MGMT License
standard 6 month contract
up to 50 applications
+ $100 each additional 50 applications
Free Business Hours Support
Access festiVOL Knowledge Base
Suite of Application & Onsite Management Tools
Purchase Basic
PRO Ticketing License
standard 6 months contract
+ 2.7% & $1.99 per ticket sold
Unlimited Applications
Everything included in the MGMT License
*Suite of Transaction Management Tools*
Consultations on Best Practices
Purchase Pro

Turn on festiVOL for your fans

Want to Peek before you Purchase?  Contact for a tour.