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festiVOL™ honors events and those who make them happen, from the volunteers to the staff, from the fans to the producers – each and every department that comes together to bring together their unique community. There is something special that happens at events… and there is something truly special about the people that come together to make them possible.

The community eagerly awaits your event

First and foremost, we are a community… we are a unique community that includes your event fanbase, the most motivated of fans, the roll-up-the-sleeves and pitch in fans, the ambassadors, the folks that show up.

We are the ‘Get Involved’ Community

We honor the Get Involved Community by providing a framework that fans can trust. festiVOL™ provides more than just a set of management features, it’s a platform built from the integrity of hundreds of events worked, backed by a community of over 150,000 fan participants. We have spent decades amongst the event communities, honing in on the best practices across the events industry, perfecting the preferences and requests process, creating functionality that allows for the unique and individualized requests of each fanbase and each fan to be met, without the need for individualized work processes. Your fans will be honored when their requests are honored, when they are well informed, and when they are acknowledged. This is the foundation of festiVOL™.

We Welcome All Event Types

Music Festivals

Film Festivals


Sporting Events

Food Festivals


Nonprofit Events

Beer Festivals

Wine Festivals

Your Unique Program Lives Here

Select your event type template and apply industry’s best practices settings and functionality as the foundation for your fan labor program. You can elect to go live right from there, or further customize your Event Home Page, Application, and Steps to Confirm, to create a sign up experience that matches your program objectives, and honors the expectations of your fanbase.

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Your Custom Processes: Automated

Once you’ve honed in on your event program’s set up and management processes, festiVOL™ Automates the Rest. Application questions feed into Scheduling Algorithms, participants are Auto-Segmented into Categories that allow groups to managed with distinct sets of parameters, such as able to Self-Schedule, or assigned to a specific department for scheduling by that department authority. Whatever the schematics that you set up, festiVOL™ will ensure the management process is optimized for time management, efficiency, and best results, from the time you hit LIVE until the final shift is clocked out.

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The community eagerly awaits your event