About Us

The festiVOL software was actually developed for the sole use of our event labor management company, the Work Exchange Team.  We quickly realized that the software could help events across the world to manage their event labor, and thus festiVOL was born.  The festiVOL site was built by us, for our management programs, and we use the site daily in our management of the Work Exchange Team.  It has helped us to revolutionize the way event labor is organized and communicated to, and we are happy to share our time-tested processes with the world of events, as our program was developed over the last 10 years of managing events.  As we are at events year-round, we never stop improving the software.  This will ensure that festiVOL will remain relevant in the constantly changing world of event management.

We began as, and always will be, a group of happy people dedicated to assisting events in success.  We are Shimon Presents (www.shimonpresents.com) – a group of passionate event service-providers.  We believe in what we call the “triangle of love” – the belief that any good business model should positively effect 3 involved parties.  Our work mainly focuses within the music festival event genre, and to this end we have fantastic internship partnerships with music business programs at a variety of Universities, where we seek to provide a foot-in-the-door for young music industry enthusiasts.  The “triangle of love” for us at this current juncture is providing fans with money-can’t-buy music experiences while assisting events in turning profits all while earning a living.

That’s pretty much it, in a nutshell.  We provide opportunities, solutions, and of course, have a great time doing it.