Sporting Events

Large sporting events have many volunteer and staffing needs that festiVOL can manage in a cinch.  The powerful reporting tools and analytics will give your management team the edge they need to keep staffing and management costs to a minimum while ensuring that your event’s labor needs are met.

With the Event Home Page where workers can access all event information, including waivers and schedules, your recruitment efforts will not end up in a mass of emails and phone calls to return.  Your management team simply has to set the program up, and then watch the software do the rest of the work!

When it comes to scheduling, there has never been a better or more advanced tool on the market.  You can curtail the robust scheduling functions to fit any of your event needs, or simply use the Self-Schedule tool and allow the workers and the software to do all the work for you!

Request a demo today to see how festiVOL can tighten up your workforce team while loosening up your management team so that you can focus on making your event better for your event patrons.