Pro Ticketing License


The entire festiVOL suite of services including transaction management platforms for selling Reimbursable Tickets.



The key to protecting event revenue and combatting the flake-out factor is selling Reimbursable Tickets to event volunteers. Those that complete their work obligation are rewarded with an event ticket (aka a refund of their purchased ticket following the event). The festiVOL ticketing license fee is $300 Base Fee (billed up front) + $1.99 per & 2.7% of each ticket sold or waived (billed at financial close out, following event). Note that waived variable fees are charged at the value of the ticket sold – if more than one value is used for the event, an average value will be used. If using only Application Order Processing Fees and not selling tickets, festiVOL charges 15% of each application fee collected.

Using the festiVOL suite of transaction management tools, including cancellation and application fees, your event can easily offset the cost of using the software! Read more about Transaction Management Features on festiVOL here.

Supplement your operations budget while expanding your operational capacity –  our clients profit $2,500 – $30,000 by utilizing our Reimbursable Ticket and transaction management tools and program model.