Work Performance – WPL

The WPL or Work Performance Level, is a truly unique function of the festiVOL software.  The ability for workers to earn credit for good performance, at each and every event they work, creates a community and a value that motivates good work ethic suivez ici.  Workers know that every work shift is graded, and every shift is a potential step up the ladder.

For your event, you get access to the WPL and department worked for all workers that have completed a shift at any event using the festiVOL management system.  This means that your workers come with event work history – you know what departments they have excelled in, and how experienced they are as a whole.  For next year’s event, you will know all of your past workers, how well they performed, and what departments you want to place them in.  The more you use the festiVOL management system, the more value you get out of your own data, as well as industry-wide data collected.