Easy 1-2-3 Steps to Confirming Position

With the clean and fresh festiVOL front end worker dashboard, your event workers always know what steps they must take to confirm their work position.  When you create your event, you will decide how many steps and what those steps will be – they will display for your worker in their own event home page.  Whether you decide to charge order processing/t-shirt fees, or allow all applicants to apply fee-free, or whether you decide to charge a ticket deposit…these choices will reflect in the worker event home page dashboard. Only workers that have completed all steps will show in the scheduler.

The festiVOL system also arranges for canceled workers as well.  As all workers must cancel through the cancel portal in their own event home page dashboard – festiVOL will remove them from their shifts and re-populate the shifts in the scheduler to be filled by new applicants.