festiVOL is an amazing tool for management of non-profit volunteers.  As you can rate each worker and profile their history of work, you can ensure that your top workers are both invited back to volunteer again and again and are rewarded through the different elements in festiVOL, such as allowing them to work better departments, or Self-Scheduling.

With festiVOL, your non-profit workforce will gain integrity with each time your volunteers work, and with the integrated volunteer home page, your volunteer coordinator can spend time in developing out your volunteer programs rather than answering emails or focusing on one-to-one communications with each of your volunteers.

festiVOL keeps your management team focused on the grand picture, rather than scrambling to keep up with the tiny details of managing a volunteer workforce.  With festiVOL, your non-profit will truly gain an incredible edge that will assist you in meeting your goals.