Local City Fairs

Some of the most value in local events are the locals that pitch in to help make it happen! With festiVOL, you will have ALL the data from event to event, and from year to year, on which volunteers worked in what departments, how well they performed, notes from the direct managing supervisor, and where they’d like to work next. These aren’t just listed within the software, they are Built in to the management tools – you can even Schedule based on these criteria (no need to cross-reference!).  festiVOL is designed around community, with our Star Performance ratings per shift that assist volunteers in recognition for number of events or years worked, and excellence in work ethic. You don’t have to keep track of all of this – festiVOL does it for you, and the volunteers can access their WPL (Work Performance Level) right within their own account.

And the best part is that the more you work with festiVOL, and the more volunteer sign ups and shift completions that are logged, the better you are able to use your metrics and assemble your event’s dream team. Schedule a demo today to see how festiVOL can help your department grow and shine!