Event Types

Film Festivals

festiVOL is an incredible staffing solution for film festivals! Protect your revenue source with ticket deposits, and staff your event with film aficionados that will properly represent your brand. With our Self-Schedule tool, your workers can select the areas and shifts they would like to work. Or you can schedule them based off of the films they want to see and the theaters they want to work. It’s all possible with festiVOL.


Local City Fairs

festiVOL is the perfect solution for local city events and fairs, as your management group can track workers from event to event. This allows your team to place the best workers in the most appropriate positions, which cuts down on labor costs and creates a better event all around.


Sporting Events

Large sporting events have many volunteer and staffing needs that festiVOL can manage in a cinch. The powerful reporting tools and analytics will give your management team the edge they need to keep staffing and management costs to a minimum while ensuring that your event’s labor needs are met.


Music Festivals

festiVOL was designed and developed by industry staffing leaders, the Work Exchange Team. No part of the software has existed anywhere else, as each tool was formulated from the ground up to meet the needs of staffing a music festival event. festiVOL is hands down the absolute best solution for music festival staffing and volunteer management.


Food & Beverage Festivals

Food Festivals benefit greatly from the festiVOL management software. As festiVOL was developed by industry experts for the use at events, there is no better tool to use to manage event staff and volunteers. Your management staff will spend less time in the trenches dealing with one-to-one volunteer and staffing issues, and more time developing out your labor program to be the most effective and cost-worthy to your event.



festiVOL is an amazing tool for management of non-profit volunteers. As you can rate each worker and profile their history of work, you can ensure that your top workers are both invited back to volunteer again and again and are rewarded through the different elements in festiVOL, such as allowing them to work better departments, or Self-Scheduling.