Application Process

Simple 1-2 Applications

The application process is designed to be easy and effective, while providing a secure framework for both the fan worker and event admin to rely on. Programmable features allow for customization of program management, data collection and auto-segmenting of applicants, skills and work history data capture and organization for optimized scheduling, and clear, secure terms agreements and liability form signatures. Even with all this, the application process takes less than 4 minutes for the fan worker to complete.

festiVOL’s algorithms Slice & Dice data and build out the Scheduling Possibilities specific to your event.

Take a Look Inside the Application

What’s Included

– Template Assisted Activation

Simply select your event type and festiVOL will apply your industry’s best practices into place, setting up features and applying verbiages, constructing the event model, application, and FAQ. You can use the pre-loaded application data and go live right away, or further customize to your specific preferences.

– Integrated Application Features

The application is set up to capture the needed information to find the best suited individuals for placement into the different positions. But there’s more to it than that – there’s also the worker’s preference and availability, and differing data needs depending on whether workers will schedule themselves or be scheduled by event admin (or a combination of both). The application features at festiVOL allow for your event to collect the information that pertains to your program needs and construct, and allow workers to be scheduled based on their own preferences, availability, skills and work performance ratings.

– e-Sign Liability Waiver

A customized liability waiver is a part of the application process, e-Signature verified. Ensure your event is protected, but not inundated with paperwork. Signed liability waivers are timestamped and printable from the worker’s festiVOL event record.

– Terms Agreement

Terms agreement is an integral part of the application process – ensure your program terms are clearly laid out and agreed to, prior to processing any worker’s application. As festiVOL templates assist in building out the terms, depending on your program’s settings and construct, there is little room for miscommunication.

– Custom Application Steps

Your event’s application process will include the steps needed to gather the applicable information to run your optimal program. festiVOL adds Steps in the worker application process based on the settings you apply.

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