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You can create an account in seconds, and dive right into what festiVOL™ has to offer, with no money down. Simply select the Pro Licensing model after creating your account, and you will be provided access to all the pro management tools. Your event landing page and application can be set up in minutes – just apply an event type template and festiVOL™ will lay the foundation of your event settings – you can literally go live with your application within minutes of signing up!

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License Models at festiVOL™

All license models at festiVOL™ provide access to the entire suite of professional management tools. We don’t believe in charging a premium for best features and products – we want each and every event on festiVOL™ to excel, and having access to ALL the tools is integral. We will always provide the very best products and service, to all who join us. Our licenses differ in how our fee is charged – events may choose to pay their fee up front, or pass along a small per app fee to participants.

Licenses feature :

Free & Available Support –

Access All festiVOL™ Features & Tools – No Blocked Services –

Unlimited Admin Users for Total Management –

Unparalleled Program Performance

The Pro License [free]

A totally free experience for the event with a small fee charged per applicant, with the first 5 applications at no charge. Fees are charged at $5.17 per applicant, taken at application submittal. It’s always free to access and view the application. At festiVOL™ , we have found that a small order processing fee passed to the applicant benefits the applicant pool by weeding out non-committed submissions. This alleviates Event Admin in processing applications that could very well end up flake-outs. Spend your event’s management $$ on your personnel (not your software!) and provide your fans and attendees with optimized processes and best experiences.

The PPA License

Event pays per application at $300 Base Fee for up to 50 applications, $150 per 50 applications thereafter. Simply purchase your application blocks and let festiVOL™ do the rest! Access all of the pro tools and management streamlined processes, and rock your program from start to finish.

Turn on Reimbursable Tickets

Turn on Reimbursable Ticket sales for your event, and protect your most valuable revenue stream. Tickets are sold via the festiVOL™ Steps to Confirm in each fan applicant’s home page, and are linked to that fan’s shift completion status.

Reimbursable Tickets are linked to Shift Completion

Fans that Complete Assigned Shifts are Rewarded with a Free Event Ticket!!

Don’t give away your tickets without securing a promise to show up

The Reimbursable Ticket is the fan’s promise to show up to their assigned shifts to receive the perk of a free ticket. With Reimbursable Ticket sales, event flake outs drop by over 60%.

Tickets sold on festiVOL™ incur a 3% ticketing fee, deducted from the event ticketing revenues post-event. Events using Reimbursable Tickets to secure their fan labor force – with better expectations on shift flake rates – and also bringing in extra post-event cashflow – those fans that flake don’t receive a reimbursement of their ticket, which turns into extra revenue for the event!

festiVOL Certified – Your Staffing Resource

Need event staff to manage the fan labor program? We’ve got you covered! Access our directory of festiVOL Certified staff – at no cost to you. Let us know if you’d like to hire a festiVOL certified staff, and we will connect you directly for contract negotiations. This is a FREE directory resource.

Find out more about the Certification process and access the directory HERE.