Purchase a License & Tap In

Licensing is based on either a Pay Per Application model for events not utilizing any transactions within their application (Free Events) or the Pro Ticketing Model which includes use of the Transaction Management Tools for charging Application Processing Fees and/or Reimbursable Tickets to fans. With the Pay Per Application model, applications are sold in blocks of 50 (no refunds for unused apps). The Pro Ticketing model is a percentage fee based on number of tickets sold or waived through the software. Both licenses have a Base Fee of $300 and begin at 6 months of service, at $75 per additional month. If interested in utilizing application processing fees only, festiVOL retains 15% per application fee charged.

Increase Event Revenue with the Pro Ticketing License

Events increase their revenue by up to $30,000 when utilizing the Pro Ticketing License, and protect entry to the event with an honest volunteer labor team that links work shift completion to ticket reimbursement – only fans that complete work are provided a reimbursement of their event ticket. Charging an application processing fee is useful for weeding out non-committed applicants, and can offset the cost of your volunteer labor department management. In addition, cancellation fees assist in preventing last-minute cancellations and also add $$ to the event’s revenue.  Events that tap into festiVOL are learning how they can MAKE MONEY from their volunteer fan labor department!

After Licensing festiVOL, hire staff from our festiVOL Certified Directory!

Pay Per Application - PPA
standard 6 month contract
up to 50 applications
+ $100 each additional 50 applications
Free Consultation & Support
festiVOL Knowledge Base
Application & Onsite Management Tools
- Purchase PPA -
PRO Ticketing License
standard 6 months contract
+ 2.7% & $1.99 per ticket (sold + waived)
Unlimited Applications
Free Consultations & Support
festiVOL Knowledge Base
Application & Onsite Management Tools
* Suite of Transaction Management Tools *
- Purchase Pro -

festiVOL Certified – Your Staffing Resource

Need event staff to manage the fan labor program? We’ve got you covered! Access our directory of festiVOL Certified staff – at no cost to you. Let us know if you’d like to hire a festiVOL certified staff, and we will connect you directly for contract negotiations. This is a FREE directory resource.

Find out more about the Certification process and access the directory HERE.