festiVOL Event Volunteer Management Software Application 1-2-3 Process

Collecting and managing applications is a simple task when using festiVOL. Using the festiVOL suite of tools you can customize the application process to work with your unique event. The beauty of it all is that whatever route you set up to receive and review applications, the applicant will be able to follow along in their own home page. You just click the checkboxes, and their home page reflects the changes – there is no need to communicate each details to prospective staff or volunteers, as applicants are always informed and confident in the process.

festiVOL Event Volunteer Management Software Onsite Event Management Tools

The advanced festiVOL tool-set is an incredible asset to shift management onsite at your event. You can manage the check in and credentialing process, as well as each worker’s shift clock in and clock out, in seconds. Plus, get a bird’s eye view of where your workers are at any given moment, so that you can pull and redistribute as needed.

Text workers that are late to their shifts, and place notifications on accounts that blocks them from clocking in or out until the note is cleared. Workers can upload a face-shot to their account, and you can take a picture and add it in their account. Print out ID Badges with the worker’s name, picture and schedule to verify their involvement in backstage areas when on shift – this helps security to understand who is allowed to enter no-access areas at what times, and keeps out those that are not currently working.

Workers can access their work shifts and know when their obligation has been completed right on their home page. This ensures that no volunteer slips through the cracks, or doesn’t get logged into the system for work completed. Giving the worker information at their fingertips helps to keep emails and questions to a minimum, as workers always know what’s expected of them.


Collecting fees from workers is a great way to add value to your program, while keeping the pool of applicants committed to their work schedules. You can decide what fees to charge, whether it be ticket deposits or order processing/t-shift fees, the applicants’ home page will reflect your choices.

Your ticket is your event’s most valuable asset, and you need to protect your revenue source from fraudulent applicants – people that sign up to work but do not show up for shifts. This not only puts pressure on your event departments with no-shows, but also takes money directly from your event’s pocket when the applicant has been given event access.

Our procedure for ticket deposits is fool-proof and fail-safe – easily track your applicant transactions and cancellations, and manage your refunds as either single transactions or bulk refunds. As you can manually edit your refund amount, you can collect partial fees from the ticket deposit as well.

festiVOL Event Volunteer Management Software Features for the Volunteer and Fan Workers

The key to keeping emails and phone calls to a minimum is keeping workers informed of work expectations and options. With the reactive festiVOL user accounts, workers have all the information they need at their fingertips. They can control many aspects of their work position, including applying and editing their application and preferences, signing their work liability waiver, and paying any fees. The easy 1-2-3 steps to working is very simple, and the site is laid out in a user-friendly, ergonomic design, where workers have access to all needed information including the FAQ and other event resources. Plus, there are safeguards for workers with ticket deposits submitted. With festiVOL, workers are informed of a pending ticket deposit forfeiture, if for example they missed one or more work shifts. They are given a 2 week time-frame to dispute with your coordinator – this is a mandatory time-frame.